Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Vizio E-Series 60" LED HDTV Available Now

Vizio recently announced a new line of sleek and slim HDTVs. This collection, which is highlighted by the E-Series 60" Class Razor LED Smart TV, also includes the E-Series 70" Class unit and the M-Series 55" and 65" Class units. The newly designed E-Series 60" model gives customers an ultra-thin, slim-frame design along with full 1080p LED HD and Vizio Internet Apps. What's even better is that the E-Series 60" is already available.

According to Chief Technology Officer for Vizio Matt McRae, "The new E-Series units, which are the first of many large-size Vizio models, give consumers access to great technology on an even bigger scale. The larger units provide more screen space with a narrower border around the picture, allowing consumers to get the most out of the crystal-clear Razor LED picture for a more immersive, WiFi enabled experience."

The E-Series 60" is loaded with all the latest technology that Vizio has to offer including Vizio Internet Apps with WiFi. The Vizio Internet Apps give you access to things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, YouTube, Pandora, Facebook and Twitter without the need for an external piece of hardware, like a computer or video game console.

Tamaryn Pratt, Principal for Quizel Research, added, "'Vizio's 60' is a Smart TV with the thin LED design that consumers prefer, at a price that would have only bought you a 42" CCFL TV in October 2009. Vizio has been able to drive the price down for consumers, allowing them to enjoy the latest features and a slim design on a larger screen, at a great value. With a 60" TV offering more than twice the screen viewing area of 42" TV, now is the perfect time for consumers to trade up."

Source: The Sacramento Bee - Vizio Unveils New Large Screen, LED HDTV Models Available Now
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