Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samsung's First Full HD 3D TV Available In US

Samsung UN55C7000Samsung's first ever full HD 3D TV is shipping in the United States, and a day earlier than expected. Amazon is showing off not one but two 55-inch UN55C7000 TVs that come with 3D 240Hz motion technology that are in stock for $3,299.99 as well as free delivery. The TVs have some nice specs about them, besides having 3D capabilities.

The UN55C7000 has Mega Dynamic Contrast, Component and PC input, BD Wise, 4 HDMI (version 1.3) connections, HDMI-CEC, 2 ConnectShare Movie, full 1080P HD, 240Hz Clear Motion Rate and 2 USB connections. The dimensions for the UN55C7000 measures in at 12 x 50.5 x 32.9 inches and weighs in at around 54 pounds.

The UN55C7000 has the ability to switch between 2D and 3D TV via a switch on the device. But to see the images in actual 3D be prepared to fork out an additional $150 for shutter glasses. In addition to all the other features the UN55C7000 has internet access, an enhanced gaming mode and built-in digital tuner.

As of today, Amazon does have this item in stock and, it appears, so does Sears. Sears is not only shipping the 55-inch UN55C7000 but is also shipping the 46-inch UN46C7000. The UN46C7000 is a like a little bother to the UN55C7000 housing most of the same features in a 46-inch display for only $2,600.

If you are eager to get your hands on Samsung's first full HD 3D TV in the United States then your wish has finally come true. Pick up the UN55C7000 or the Un46C7000 at or today.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Panasonic's 2010 Plasmas & LCDs are Awesome!

Panasonic's 2010 Plasmas are Awesome

Panasonic launched it's new line of Plasma and LCD TVs in January, and last week they gave a "formal demonstration" of their new televisions, according to The TVs, which will be in stores over the next few months, are said to have lots of great new features and a lot better picture quality than previous models. Here is a look at what you can expect from the company, according to CNET.

The Panasonic TC-PVT25 series is 3-D compatible and comes with a pair of 3D glasses. It has a 96Hz refresh option for 1080p/24 compatibility, short-throw phosphors, Pro Setting user menu with advanced controls, and ISFccc mode. The 50 and 54-inch models will be available in May or June and a price has yet to be determined.

The TC-PG25 and TC-PG20 series both have infinite black panel with 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. They are THX certified, feature VieraCast, which adds Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Fox Sports, and other content, and Skype video calling. They have optional Wi-Fi connection, VGA-style PC input, two USB ports, and an image viewer that handle both video and photos. Aside from a few cosmetic reasons and their compatibility with a network camera. The TC-PG25 series includes, 42, 46, 50, and 54-inch models. They will be available in March or April and range from $1199.95 to $1999.95. The TC-PG20 series will only include 50 and 54-inch models, and will also be available in March/April, but prices are currently unknown.

The TC-PS2 series features 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an improve anti-reflective filter, and Clean Touch bezel. The 42, 46, 50, and 54-inch models will be available in February and March and range from $899.95 to $1,599.95. The 58 and 65-inch models will be available in June and will cost $1,899.95 and $2,799.95 respectively.

The TC-PU2 series has 1080p resolution and both the 42 and 50-inch models will available in March for $799.95 and $1,099.95 respectively. The TC-PC2 features 720p resolution and an image viewer for photos. The 42, 46, and 50-inch TVs will be available in March or April for $599.95, $699.95, and $799.95.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LG Skinny Frame Plasma HDTVs

LG Skinny Frame Plasma HDTVLG is giving us another reason to keep believing in Plasma tvs with their new pair of Plasma HDTVs dubbed "Skinny Frame". The name skinny Frame comes from the less than 25mm thinness of the plasma screens. Now 25mm isn't ridiculously thin but I don't think anybody is going to hate on it because of that.

LG is offering up 2 different models for the Skinny Frame, the 50-inch 50PK550 and the 60-inch 60PK550. Both models share the same spec sheet which is seems to be pretty solid. Both models offer 600Hz technology refresh rate, mega contrast ratio, automatic contrast adjustment based on lighting conditions, full HD resolution 3 HDMI ports and one USB port.

The Skinny Frames will both be able to display images in full HD and will also be able to play photos and videos via the USB port. The specs on these models are good but the price may say otherwise as the 50-inch model comes in at around $1,500 with the 60-inch pricing at around $3,325 US. Neither model is available in the United States yet but both are available in Korea.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sony BDP-S470 3D-Ready Blu-ray Player

Sony BDP-S470 Blu-ray PlayerToday Sony launched their new BDP-S470 stand-alone Blu-ray player. But what makes this device special is that it is Sony's first stand-alone Blu-ray player that is also 3D-ready. The device, which is said to ship later this month, will be able to handle BD, DVD, CD and even SA-CD along with a 3D Blu-ray upgrade that you can get via Firmware.

The BDP-S470 has a pretty decent spec sheet tacked onto it. The device comes with full HD 1080p single-disc Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SA-CD, Blu-ray 3D ready, a BRAVIA monolithic design, BRAVIA internet video and BD-LIVE, wireless LAN Ready with a USB wireless LAN adapter sold separately, entertainment database browser with Gracenote technology, BD remote with a free iPhone/iPod Touch remote app, photo/music/video playback via USB and DLNA with the Firmware update, DVD upscaling to 1080p with Precision Cinema HD upscaling and Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master audio decoding.

The Firmware update isn't set to be released until later this summer but the BDP-S470 has already been launched and should be on your store shelves later this month with a $200 price tag. For all of you out there that were planning on getting the BDP-S570 BD player or the BDV-E770W or BDV-E570 Blu-ray Disc home theater systems but are now upset about the BDP-S470's 3D upgrade don't worry about it because these systems will also be receiving the Gratis 3D upgrade as well. Looks like we won't be escaping the 3D generation anytime soon.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

BenQ's Slimmest LED Monitor Ever!

BenQ's Slimmested LED Monitor Ever

One of the world's top monitor brands has announced its new monitor and is calling it the Worlds Slimmest LED Monitor. At just 15 mm, BenQ's BenQ V2220 LED monitor is a 21.5-inch wide LED monitor and will offer 16:9 Full High-def, as well as a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1.

The monitor features a zero light leakage and an ultra-extreme DCR, which allows for brighter whites, bolder blacks, and nearly infinite color variations on the 250-nit screen. It also features Senseye Human Vision Technology, Senseye 3 six preset modes, Game, Movie, sRGB, Standard, Photo, and Eco modes, HDMI 1.3 and a headphone jack.

BenQ says the monitor is energy efficient and uses 44% less than what other LED monitors use. It's mercury-free and has received Energy STAR 5.0, RoHS, and EuP certifications.

The new monitor is part of the BenQ V Series, which won the iF Product Design Award in 2010. It should be available in Taiwan by March 2010, with a worldwide release to follow shortly after.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Acer's GD235HZ 23.6-inch 3D Display

Acer GD235HZIt seems that Acer is now throwing their card into the ring of 3D computer monitors as they have just released their GD235HZ 120Hz LCD which, I might add, is specially designed to work with NVIDIA's 3D Vision active-shutter glasses system. According to Irene Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Peripherals at Acer America, "As 3D content becomes more widely available in popular games and videos, users desire computing products that can take advantage of these new capabilities. We are excited to offer Acer's first monitor to support 3D technology, enabling consumers to fully immerse themselves in leading-edge 3D games and movies at an affordable price. We see a strong market for 3D technology products that offer the quality and value that Acer is known for providing, as we've demonstrated with our Acer notebook with 3D technology and now with this new Acer GD235HZ display."

Spec wise the Acer GD235HZ has a 23.6-inch widescreen display, 0.2715mm pixel pitch, 2ms response time (G to G), 3000cd/m2 brightness, 16.7 million colors, 1 HDMI (w/HDMI) input, 1 DVI input, 1 VGA input, an internal power supply, 1920x1080 maximum resolution, 120Hz (maximum) refresh rate, 80,000:1 max (ACM)/1000:1 (native) contrast ratio, 170 degrees(H)/160 degrees(V) viewing angels, 6Bit + HiFRC and a Vesa 100mm wall mount. Acer's Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) has advanced technology that allows users to adjust images frame by frame. This allows you to optimize contrast through the enhancement of detail and gradation. Acer's ACM also enables your monitor use less power which saves energy and provides an excellent viewing experience.

The 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution gives you excellent high-definition picture quality and users can also enjoy Blu-ray movies on the monitor as well. As with all of Acer's devices you get the whole array of Acer's unique software solutions. The eColor Management interface allows you to fully customize the performance of the display like the brightness, saturation and contrast. The Empowering Key on the monitor lets you switch between viewing scenarios or even create their own custom scenarios. Acer also added their eDisplay Management function which is a powerful color enhancement and display rotation tool.

The Acer GD235HZ has the ability to be combined with NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology. If you are unfamiliar with NVIDIA's 3D Vision then let me refresh your memory. 3D Vision is a combination of a pair of high-tech wireless active shutter glasses, a wireless USB transmitter and an advanced software that allows you to experience a vast array of PC games in high quality 3D. When you combine the Acer GD235HZ with NVIDIA's 3D Vision you can see exceptional 3D quality in with things like 3D pictures, videos, games and upcoming 3D Blu-ray movies. The 3D glasses themselves are lightweight and functional and can even be worn over prescription glasses. The glasses are also said to provide up to 40 hours of life on a single charge.

3D technology is a rapidly growing industry and it is becoming more and more popular and branching off into every form of entertainment. Companies are finding new ways everyday to give us more 3D options and it doesn't look like they will be stopping anytime soon.

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