Monday, March 28, 2011

Air Display for Mac App

Air Display for Mac AppAvatron Software, which is a leading developer of popular applications for Apple's iOS platform, just announced the release of their Air Display app, which is available on the Apple App Store. The Air Display app is capable of turning a Mac OS X computer into a secondary wireless monitor to be used in conjunction with another Mac or Windows PC. This is not the first Air Display app from Avatron. The original app debuted in the iOS App Store back in May 2010 making your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an extra wireless monitor which allows you to add up to 70% additional screen space to your computer. According to CEO of Avatron Software David Howell, "We were amazed by the response Air Display for iOS received in the marketplace and the accolades from the press. As our users have grown accustomed to the productivity advantages of using a second monitor, we've been inundated with a Mac port of Air Display. We're thrilled to announce Air Display for Mac, and to let people use their Mac laptop as an extra display while they work at their desktop computer." Air Display for Mac is able to operate in a window as well as in full screen and also adds a new feature that allows you to connect over Ethernet, which allows it to operate much faster than WiFi. The performance of Air Display for Mac is very responsive and employs a dynamic compression algorithm. Air Display for Mac does require Mac OS X 10.6 or higher with an Intel CPU. The Windows PC support software requires XP (32-bit only), Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Just like Air Display for iOS, both computers must be connected to the same local network whether via WiFi or Ethernet. "Studies have shown that using a second monitor increases work productivity," explained Howell. "For anyone who already owns two computers, or a computer and an iPhone or iPad, Air Display is an extremely cost-effective way to enjoy the efficiency of a dual-monitor configuration." The Air Display for Mac application is now available in the Apple App Store for a reasonable $19.99. This app is also a part of Avatron's highly acclaimed family of productivity apps. Source: PR Newswire - 'Air Display for Mac' App Turns Computer Into Secondary Monitor

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Monday, March 14, 2011

ASUS to Unveil 7 New LCD Monitors

ASUSThere is some big news in the monitor world today! ASUS is planning on releasing seven new LCD monitors at the upcoming Commart Thailand 2011. ASUS has said that they plan to focus more on LCD monitors this year and are kick-starting that with the introduction of their seven new models at the show.

Managing Director of ASUSTek Computer (Thailand) Pornthep Watchara-Amnouy stated that, as a replacement of CRT monitors, "the LCD monitor market in Thailand is enjoying growth due to better display quality and slim design that helps save space which matches the lifestyle of consumers nowadays."

Pornthep went on to say, "ASUS has been importing LCD monitors in Thailand since 2005, although they were not so popular then due to the high prices. Now that there are high competitions that lead to lower prices, we are ready to offer consumers our world-class standard products. Our marketing strategies are based on 360-degree concept with an aim to communicate our brand to all consumer groups."

ASUS is releasing the PA246Q LCD monitor soon which will feature a built-in 7-in-1 card reader and connectors for smartphones and iPod devices. The device will also cover 98% of Adobe RGB and come with a QuickFit function which provides real-size document photos and on-screen grid which makes it ideal for graphic design.

The seven LCD monitors that ASUS plans on releasing are listed as the VH192C, VH197T, VH222T, VE228H, VG236H with 3D vision glasses and the MS246H glossy piano-black bezel monitor that is only 16.5mm thick. All of these will be displayed at the upcoming Commart Thailand 2011.

Source: The Nation - ASUS to debut 7 LCD monitors in Commart Thailand 2011
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Samsung Displays Touchscreen Transparent LCD Display Powered by Ambient Light

Samsung transparent LCD displaySamsung made waves recently by displaying their newest creation, a transparent LCD display. Well, they have tweaked their existing LCD technology in order to make it more energy efficient. Now the transparent LCD display is energy efficient enough to be powered by ambient light.

CeBIT 2011 was fortunate enough to see a working demo of the technology that had a viewable size of 46 inches and supported full 1080p HD resolution. The device also provided a full ten finger touchscreen surface.

The panel uses a vertical alignment display mode and is an improvement over the see-through LCD panel that Samsung showed off at the SID 2010 in Seattle in May of last year. A spokeswoman for Samsung Electronics has been quoted as saying that a fridge freezer may be a potential application.

The spokeswoman did decline to say, however, whether or not the innovative solar panel will be applied to other, similar products. Be that as it may, the simple fact that Samsung was able to cut down power consumption on such a level that the device can be powered by ambient light is an impressive feat in itself.

It has also been said that Samsung will be working on bigger sized panels. The company's biggest panel on the market currently measures 65 inches.

Other details surrounding the panel, like power consumption and the position of the backlight unit, have yet to be revealed though a lot of people are speculating that the backlight unit will be located on the top of the panel. There were a few things, like a few problems with the touchscreen not working, that suggest that the technology is not quite ready yet.

A few interesting things to look for when this device does hit consumers' homes is how it will stack up against your more traditional displays in terms of color reproduction, refresh rates, price etc... Another interesting idea was to combine these transparent LCD displays in order to create glasses-free 3D TVs.

Samsung showed a demo of its largest OLED display, a 19-incher, earlier this year at CES 2011. It is, however, a little unlikely that this production prototype will come to be anything more than a showcase for the next few years.

Source: ITProPortal - Samsung Showcases Solar Powered Transparent Touchscreen 46-inch LCD
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