Monday, August 15, 2011

Asus Announces 27" VG278H 3D Monitor

Asus VG278HIf the announcement of the 27" 3D monitors from Samsung, known as the SA750 and SA950, in addition to the announcement of the 27" 3D monitor announced from Acer, known as the HN274H, wasn't enough excitement for all you monitor junkies out there, then this recent announcement from Asus may just do the trick for you.

Asus has just announced at CeBit a 27" 3D monitor as well, known as the VG278H. Now before you go getting all doe-eyed on me, this isn't the first time Asus has made a big announcement like this at the annual convention. At last year's event there was the infamous ordeal involving the Asus PG276, a device that promised to be the world's first 27" 120Hz 3D monitor. The problem with that was that this device never materialized.

The VG278H, on the other hand, is real and tangible. This device sports a similar design to the VG236H but adds an integrated IR transmitter on the top. The IR transmitter is an integrated 3D receiver that offers support for Nvidia 3D Vision natively. The VG278H is said to ship with a pair of Nvidia 3D glasses as well.

3D integration via IR transmitters seems to be the running standard with all of these recently announced 3D monitors. However, they do seem to also represent an unnecessary expense for anybody who is looking to harness the power of 120Hz responsiveness as opposed to just viewing stereoscopic 3D content.

Aside from what I have already mentioned, not a lot has been revealed about the VG278H. However, close inspection by multiple guests at CeBit has revealed support for HDMI 1.4, DVI-D (dual link), a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 2ms gray to gray response time, 400 cd/m2 rated brightness and WLED backlighting.

Asus has revealed that the VG278H 27" 3D monitor will be released in October of this year with a recommended price of around €599, or around $865. However, price could change upon release as this price could be given to retailers as a mere guideline. The Asus VG278H will also ship with a pair of Nvidia 3D glasses.

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Joanne Obenza said...

Its good to know that Asus finally releasing a 27 inch 3D monitor. I hope it’s the glossy model. I love the colours and better contrast when it comes to a glossy screen.