Monday, February 1, 2010

Acer's GD235HZ 23.6-inch 3D Display

Acer GD235HZIt seems that Acer is now throwing their card into the ring of 3D computer monitors as they have just released their GD235HZ 120Hz LCD which, I might add, is specially designed to work with NVIDIA's 3D Vision active-shutter glasses system. According to Irene Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Peripherals at Acer America, "As 3D content becomes more widely available in popular games and videos, users desire computing products that can take advantage of these new capabilities. We are excited to offer Acer's first monitor to support 3D technology, enabling consumers to fully immerse themselves in leading-edge 3D games and movies at an affordable price. We see a strong market for 3D technology products that offer the quality and value that Acer is known for providing, as we've demonstrated with our Acer notebook with 3D technology and now with this new Acer GD235HZ display."

Spec wise the Acer GD235HZ has a 23.6-inch widescreen display, 0.2715mm pixel pitch, 2ms response time (G to G), 3000cd/m2 brightness, 16.7 million colors, 1 HDMI (w/HDMI) input, 1 DVI input, 1 VGA input, an internal power supply, 1920x1080 maximum resolution, 120Hz (maximum) refresh rate, 80,000:1 max (ACM)/1000:1 (native) contrast ratio, 170 degrees(H)/160 degrees(V) viewing angels, 6Bit + HiFRC and a Vesa 100mm wall mount. Acer's Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) has advanced technology that allows users to adjust images frame by frame. This allows you to optimize contrast through the enhancement of detail and gradation. Acer's ACM also enables your monitor use less power which saves energy and provides an excellent viewing experience.

The 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution gives you excellent high-definition picture quality and users can also enjoy Blu-ray movies on the monitor as well. As with all of Acer's devices you get the whole array of Acer's unique software solutions. The eColor Management interface allows you to fully customize the performance of the display like the brightness, saturation and contrast. The Empowering Key on the monitor lets you switch between viewing scenarios or even create their own custom scenarios. Acer also added their eDisplay Management function which is a powerful color enhancement and display rotation tool.

The Acer GD235HZ has the ability to be combined with NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology. If you are unfamiliar with NVIDIA's 3D Vision then let me refresh your memory. 3D Vision is a combination of a pair of high-tech wireless active shutter glasses, a wireless USB transmitter and an advanced software that allows you to experience a vast array of PC games in high quality 3D. When you combine the Acer GD235HZ with NVIDIA's 3D Vision you can see exceptional 3D quality in with things like 3D pictures, videos, games and upcoming 3D Blu-ray movies. The 3D glasses themselves are lightweight and functional and can even be worn over prescription glasses. The glasses are also said to provide up to 40 hours of life on a single charge.

3D technology is a rapidly growing industry and it is becoming more and more popular and branching off into every form of entertainment. Companies are finding new ways everyday to give us more 3D options and it doesn't look like they will be stopping anytime soon.

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John H. Harris said...

I'm thinking of buying one of these as my next monitor, but I need to know if it'll support 3D cable broadcast. It seems pretty useless to use it as a TV (which I currently do on my ASUS VH235H monitor, which doubles as my secondary computer monitor) if it won't support the 3D format they use...