Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gunnar Glasses: The Technology Eyewear for Habitual Computer Users

If you are like most office workers or tech junkies then you probably spend at least eight hours a day in front of a computer screen. Your eyes can only take so much artificial light and between the lights in your cubicle and the shine from your computer screen, things can get pretty tiring. However, you can now decide to give your eyes a break by opting for a pair of Gunnar glasses, "stylish" glasses that tout themselves as being "technology eyewear".

These glasses, with yellow-tinted curved lenses, are supposed to reduce the fatigue your eyes face when you spend immense amounts of time at your computer. But how well do they work? Most things like this barely seem to work and are more like a cheap gimmick. However, reports from multiple tech outlets are saying positive things about the Gunnar glasses. Many reports state that the glasses allow you to see your computer screen better, reduce squinting and keep your eyes feeling less tired than they usually would.

One of the best things about these glasses is their price. In a world where a pair of prescription glasses can cost as much as $300 or more, the Gunnar glasses can cost as little as $79 or as much as $189, depending on which kind you get. If you are really into these things then you can even pay a little more and have your glasses made with your prescription so you don't have to wear your own eyeglasses in addition to the Gunnar glasses.

According to Gunnar, the glasses help computer users in a variety of ways. The yellow tint of the lenses softens the high-intensity energy that monitors and fluorescent lights emit, making your overall environment seem warmer and less harsh. The one drawback here would be that the yellow tint affects how you see color. If you have a job that requires you to distinguish colors that are very similar then these glasses may make that difficult. However, Gunnar has stated that it makes lenses with a Crystalline tint that doesn't interfere with color perception.

The curved shape of the lenses also serves a two-fold purpose according to Gunnar. The first thing is that the lens focuses specifically on the distance at which most people view their computer screens. In addition to that, the curve helps trap humidity near the eye, which is useful because most offices have chronically dry air that tends to dehydrate peoples' eyes.

Gunnar glasses seem to work pretty well, especially if you are a habitual computer user and spend hours and hours on your computer everyday like I do. If you are finding your eyes becoming tired or stressed while working at your computer, I'd consider giving a pair of Gunnar glasses a try, if anything, they will make you the most stylish looking employee in the office.

Source: PC World - Gunnar Optiks Computer Eyewear


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