Friday, May 29, 2015

This 24-inch Monitor is only $100

Most of the time when we are working or playing on a computer, it is generally a pretty small laptop or even a tablet. But there is nothing quite like looking at a nice, big screen. If you have a desktop PC then you probably need one, but even if you are connecting it to a laptop or a Chromebook, it is still going to make the experience better.

Sometime's big deals pop up that you just can't ignore. Right now at TigerDirect, you can get the Seiki SE24FA01-R 24-inch desktop monitor for $139.99, and that is with shipping included and everything. You can also redeem a mail in rebate that puts it at $99.99 total.

Mail in rebates aren't always the coolest thing in the world. You have to fill stuff out and wait. But, even if you are too lazy to send it in, it's still a really great deal without even doing that. I only say it like that because I am one of those people who would rather spend the extra 40 dollars to not have to worry about it. But if you are super into that sort of thing, I would opt for the "no-wait rebate" option that gets your rebate in  the mail to you in about 5 business days. It means you get $4 less back, but it's worth 4 dollars to not wait between 8 and 10 weeks to get your extra money back. 10 weeks is not worth $40.

The monitor itself is 23.5 inches, which still qualifies as being a 24-inch class monitor. It has a 1920 x 1080 pixel native resolution, LED backlighting and a 5ms response time. It has all the inputs that you would assume it would, including VGA, DVI and HDMI. It also has stereo speakers, so you could hook it up directly to a gaming console or anything really.

So, this super cheap monitor has everything that the super expensive ones have. There aren't too many reviews to be found on it at this time, but the few that do exist are very positive. With a solid resolution and all of the inputs that you would need, it's hard to see where you could go wrong at all.

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If you have a laptop as your main computer, or maybe you just need to upgrade your monitor, I would say this would be the time to do so. You can't beat having a big monitor, and you certainly are not going to find one this size for that price, probably ever again. I love it when deals pop up like this. You only come across something like this maybe once or twice a year, and that includes Black Friday. And don't even get me started on Black Friday... never again.

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